Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How To Melt Your Makeup

Don't waste any of your makeup! If you're like me, you will scrape every last bit out of containers to make sure you get your money's worth! In this video, I show how I melt down the cream-based makeup products in order to get every single last drop!

1. Insert pizza stone or cookie sheet into a cold oven.

2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

3.  Once the oven has reached 400 degrees, remove the pan and place aluminum foil on top of the surface (just for protection in case there are any spills).

4.  Set your metal makeup tins containing cream foundation onto the hot pan.

5.  Allow the creams to melt fully.

6.  The creams will solidify back to normal as it cools.  Just allow the makeup to sit until completely cool.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

You NEED To Know This Eye Liner Trick

This Trick Will Up Your Eye Liner Game

Do you suck at eye liner? Not anymore!! Try this trick....

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ladies! It's Time To Shave Your Face.

Shave Your Face

That's right.  Shave. Your. Face.
Women shaving their face isn't a new thing, but it's becoming more mainstream.  Elizabeth Taylor's cosmetic dermatologist revealed that she (and other celebs such as Marilyn Monroe) shaved their faces back in the day.  Since then, many celebs, YouTubers, and social media infuencers have revealed that they, too, shave their face!

3 reasons why you should start shaving your face

- It will make your makeup go on smoother

- It helps fight aging by exfoliating the skin

- It will give your skin a beautiful glow

There is a treatment available at medi-spas called Dermaplaning.  Essentially, they take a blade and remove dead skin and (what we call) "peach fuzz".  It's a form of exfoliation, similarly to microdermabrasion.  It will remove dead skin cells, help fight aging, boost collagen production, and get rid of the baby-fine hairs revealing a smooth, glowing complexion.  This treatment is also used to help the penetration of topical products such as serums and moisturizers.

Getting a Dermaplane treatment is fantastic, but you can also do similar treatment at home!  Grab yourself some Tinkle Razors (I know, the name is horrendous).  You can also find similar razors at any drugstore, or Sally's Beauty.  I just prefer the blade on the Tinkle brand.  

The at-home method is cheap, and it only takes a few seconds.  It won't irritate the skin like laser treatments or waxing.  Make sure you use a brand new razor every time you shave, to ensure that you are not contaminating or transferring old bacteria to fresh skin.

I already know what you're going to ask...

Does it make your hair grow back thicker?

No. The claim that hair will grow back thicker after shaving is a myth.  Google it.  Dermatologists from all over will back me up.

This has been a common belief, because shaving cuts the follicle at a blunt angle.  You are cutting off the tapered, thin end of the hair, giving the hair the illusion of being thicker.  It is not actually thicker, but blunt.

Does it hurt?

Not one bit!  And (knock on wood) I've never cut myself.

How often should I shave?

Everyone is different.  For me, I can go every few weeks.  Hair on my face doesn't bother me.  I do it for exfoliation.  How often you shave will just be based on your preferences.  Shaving is fairly gentle, so once a week would be fine.

Does a men's razor or a leg razor work?

Men's razor - yes
Leg razor - no

Leg razor's are made for hair on your leg.  The blades are applied in the shaver at an angle meant for a flat surface.  Also, the strip that contains emollients to glide over the skin can be irritating to the face.

I don't prefer to use a men's razor because I have such sensitive skin, but my theory is:  If it's made for a man's face, it won't hurt to use it on a woman's face.  ;)

Is there a certain way to do it?

My preferred method is using the razor on CLEAN, dry skin.  Hold the skin taut, and at a 45 degree angle.  Start shaving in a downward motion.  Make short strokes, don't just drag the razor in long strokes or it won't do anything. There are tons of great YouTube videos demoing how to shave your face with Tinkles.  Always shave very carefully over pimples, and skip over any broken skin.
Final Thoughts

If you have facial hair and it doesn't bother you - LEAVE IT!  Who cares what anyone else thinks.  Do what makes you happy.  

To my clients reading this that come to me for facial waxing:  you probably think I'm nuts writing about shaving your face!  While I do enjoy the benefits of facial waxing, I can only do it every other month.  My skin gets so irritated and will break out.  I prefer to shave in between waxes.  If you decide to shave in between waxes, I won't be mad at ya!
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How To Melt Your Makeup

D on't waste any of your makeup! If you're like me, you will scrape every last bit out of containers to make sure you get your mo...